Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Buttons

Wanna free church button for your blog? Please take one!
They link to www.lds.org. To purchase temple prints CLICK HERE.

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The Cutest Couple!

My oh my were you two ever fun! I don't think I have ever seen so many smiles in one day! Jessica, when did you grow up so quickly? It seriously seems like just last year that you were taking me on that crazy walk and getting lost, can it be that long ago? Now you are all grown up and beautiful and engaged!
Congratulations to both you and James, may you both have many happy days! Here is your sneak peak, more to come!

Monday, May 25, 2009


WOW! I was amazed at the entries! Total number of entries was just shy of 1100! Can you believe it? Thanks to all who entered! So due to the large numbers of entries, I enlisted the help of my computer nerd husband to do a random number generation for the entries. Each entry was randomly given a number and the numbers drawn randomly on the computer - here are the winners!

Taryn Chancellor You win - Sitting & CD w/ personal printing rights. ($415 value)

Michelle Peterson You win - Two Sittings - one for you & one to give to a friend. ($130 value)

Jennie Stephens You win - $75 print credit for your next shoot

Callie Mickelson You win - Free Sitting. ($65 value)

Contact me to claim your prizes and book your sitting! kara@photobyemilie.com or 801-885-7527!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Give Away!!!

(Post will remain at the top of my blog until May 25th)

Below is a list of the items I am giving away and how to enter to win. Please let me know if you have any ?'s & good luck!!
email - kara@photobyemilie.com
phone - 801.885.7527

1. Sitting & CD w/ personal printing rights. ($415 value)
2. Two Sittings - one for you & one to give to a friend. ($130 value)
3. $75 print credit for your next shoot.
4. Free Sitting. ($65 value)

All gifts must be used by July 15th 2009
Draw winners on May 25th!!!


1. Make comment on my blog. Each comment will receive an entry.(1 comment = 1 entry, 2 comments = 2 entries etc.)

2. Forward this newsletter. (just let me know how many people you forwarded it to & I'll put your name in that many times.)

3. Post my button on your blog.(5 entries for this one. Just be sure to let me know. If you want me to walk you through how to do this please call me!! Yes, even if I don't know you!!)

4. Join my Photo By Emilie FaceBook group. Click here.
I will draw winners on May 25th!!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beautiful Halle!

Oh this little girl is so beautiful! She is the most precious sweet little thing ever, just a tiny little girl about 6 pounds and so wide awake! Thanks Kim for having me over, I can see that you are all so in love with her already!

Beautiful family Kim!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stephens Family

Is Lily still smiling? That girl loves to get her picture taken, and I LOVE all her poses, better get a camera in her hands ASAP! It was a fun evening, even with Jackson taking a dip in the stream, at least he kept his smile.

I am so going to have to get one of these skirts, they are so adorable and "princessey".

Hunting Wedding

Oh, what a beautiful day! Thanks so much for letting me share in your joy, I had more fun than you can imagine. I just loved how you much you enjoyed each other, the whole wedding party was a hoot!

I was SO impressed by your vertical in heals! I'm not sure I could jump in tennis shoes, any you pulled it off looking so completely adorable.

Best wishes in your future together as Mr. and Mrs. Enjoy the journey!