Wednesday, January 27, 2010



1. Sitting & CD w/ personal printing rights.

2. Two Sittings - one for you & one to give to a friend.

All gifts must be used by May 31st 2010

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Personal Photoshop Tutoring

Personal Photoshop Tutoring

So how much will it cost? - $109
(discount of $20 given if you already own my action set. Discount code is "alreadyhaveactions".)

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What does that include?
- 2 hours of One-On-One tutoring, my Photo By Emilie Action Set , and a 25% off discount codes to purchace my Eye Action & my Texture Set.

What will I learn? - I have a list of 10 items I wish I would have know when I started. I have you rank these items from most to least important & we get through as many as we can in 2 hours.

Here is the list of items...
1. My Quick Step Work-flow - from start to finishing an image & how I keep everything organized.
2. How to load & run actions. How each action works & the adjustments I make to create the perfect effect for each individual image.
3. How to use textures & how to make your own.
4. Tricks & Technique of my Eye Action.
5. How I like to switch heads & faces.
6. How I like to fix an image that is too dark or too light.
7. How to create collages, cards & add text to an image.
8. How to make a photo into a coloring page.
9. How I fix blemishes.
10. I bring my library of reference books & tell you which are my favs & why.

What to expect...
On average clients are able to tackle about 6-8 of these topics in a 2 hour time frame. It will depend on your experience & how fast you grasp the concept. Again, you rank these items & we do the ones you want to learn the most first. You are welcome to team up with a friend & split the cost. On average during 2-on-1 session we tackle 4-6 of these topics depending on experience & your quickness.

Please email or call if you have any ?'s!!

Here are a few examples of what you will learn..

For our wedding we made coloring books for all the kids out of our wedding photos. It's a really fun photoshop trick!!


Here is an example of my blemish repair technique. I do not like plastic looking skins, my blemish repair is very natural looking.

Here is an example of a collage I will teach you how to create.