Monday, February 16, 2009

24 Ramdom Things About Me

1. I love to scare people and play pranks
2. I don't mind laughing at myself to amuse others, I also don't mind laughing at others!
3. I have the best friends and family around
4. I never liked chocolate, until the past 6 months and now I want it all the time!
5. I enjoy being independent and not "needing" help from anyone, not a good thing at times.
6. I can be extremely stubborn, also, not always a good thing
7. I love to clean my house and even more fun, organize everything!
8. I once rode my tricycle off the porch and landed on my face, my face was paralyzed for 6 months afterwards
9. I used to spear frogs with my brother Jared, and we would catch hundreds of tadpoles and dry them out on our inner tube
10. I am deathly afraid of frogs, snakes and spiders (revenge from my childhood)
11. I had a great childhood, we played outside every day building forts, sledding, swimming in the nasty horse pond... it was the life.
12. I love pasta, any and all kinds, but ravioli is probably my favorite
13. Kickboxing is my new favorite workout, I feel like I could kick butts afterward, if only I wasn't so tired!
14. I stick my foot in my mouth more than anyone I know, a result of always trying to be funny I am sure
15. I spend way too much time on facebook and blogger
16. I love people and meeting new people and people watching....anything people related
17. I enjoy a good vacation with the kids, not sure there is such a thing, but Disneyland is GREAT!
18. I was born and raised in Canada but have spent 10 years living in Utah
19. I would love to live anywhere, but high on my list is Boston, New York, and Central America
20. I used to sit in strategic locations around BYU campus and laugh at people slipping on ice with my sister Jana - I also used to play pranks on Jana, ask her sometime! Fond, funny memories.
21. I miss living close to my family, especially in the winter...those are some great sledding parties I am missing out on!
22. I wish I was a more thoughtful person
23. I have the most odd assortment of jobs - tree pruning hundreds of acres of forest, training cattle for cattle shows, washing and bathing cattle for cattle shows, hot dog vendor at football games, snow cone artist, life skills advisor for mentally handicapped adults - to mention a few I had just during college!
24. I am horrible about keeping in touch with old friends and am so grateful when they love me just the same!